This WILDFOTOAfrica website presents examples of a wide variety of the photographer's assignment, commercial, stock, documentary and art photography work.

It is intended as an online portfolio resource not just for clients and prospective clients, but also for those generally interested in the wide variety of subject matter; in the craft and art of photography; and in just looking at pictures.

The photographs shown here are samples of the work on the subjects shown and are not intended as an exhaustive catalogue of all available work.  Please contact the photographer if you have a particular requirement not shown or found here.

The photographer welcomes any feedback, enquiries or questions from all visitors via the Contact links provided, and will always try to reply promptly.

The following provides some guidance on navigating this site and on what subject matter will be found.


 NEW Work
This is the temporary home for examples of new and recent work.  It provides a quick port of call for previous visitors to see what's new.
An A-to-Z portfolio of stock picture, documentary and art photography - on a wide range of subjects from Abstract to Zebra.
Sets of pictures intended to tell a story.
An A-to-Z of actual WILDFOTOAfrica commercial photography jobs.
Everything from Ads photography to Wedding photography, presenting a lot of what a photographer has to do to earn a living.
Examples from the world of Corporate Calendars production.
Actual commissioned jobs involving putting together the disciplines of photography, design, artwork, repro and printing to produce customised calendars for companies, organisations and projects.
PhotoMail is an occasional photo newsletter for those with an interest in photography, nature, the environment, travel, Africa, and Africa life.  And it's especially for those who just like looking at pictures.
It is available for free subscription by emailing the photographer
or by subscribing on-line via the link on the PhotoMail page.
All back-issues of PhotoMail are available in this section of the site.
Examples of the photographer's various art-photo Photobooks
of assignment work of documentary/art photography.
Examples of the photographer's Fine Art prints.  
Prints are available ex-stock and to order for purchase by galleries, retail resellers, collectors and corporates.  Art Gallery enquiries for supplies by direct purchase or by representation are welcomed.
Worldwide Courier Delivery is available at discounted trade rates.
Please contact the photographer for an email quotation.


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